The Cosmopolitan Hotel, las Vegas

Life's A Gamble

Life's A Gamble

Client: Richmond International Year: 2017

The Cosmopolitan Hotel is one of the newest and most talked about hotels in Las Vegas. It stands out for having a modern and digital approach to its interior design, reflected in its uber-cool digital display entrance foyer. Alongside his role as art consultant for for the hotel, Robin Greene was himself also a commissioned artist. This bespoke art installation needed to fuse several concepts. The hedonistic & gambling aspect of Las Vegas, the hotel’s digital art philosophy and the position of the artwork within the luxury designed interiors, sat in front of floor to ceiling windows. The artwork depicts a pixilated image made up from 3,470 custom-made casino grade dice. The semi-transparency of many of the dice interacts with the daylight and nightlife. Reflecting the interior colour scheme, the diptych is framed in polished nickel-plated brass & mounted to a bronze base.